Alert residents rescue deer from ice in Miller Lake

A Station 45 Fall River firefighter and residents keep a stranded deer comforted after its rescue in Miller Lake. (Submitted photo)

MILLER LAKE: A wayward deer can thank observant residents of the Perrin Drive area of Miller Lake for its rescue from the ice.

According to information sent to The Laker News, residents Dean and Sherrie Deveau spotted a deer that had fallen through the ice and notified other neighbours.

Together they gathered the necessary items required and ventured out on the lake to try their hand at rescuing the deer.

As they attempted the rescue, a 911 call was placed notifying Station 45 Fall River of a water/ice rescue in Miller Lake.

The Department of Natural Resources was also notified, however initially it appeared they would not be responding to the call. They later were said to be heading to the scene.

Station 45 Fall River Firefighters arrived on the scene and together with residents wrapped the deer in warm blankets until DNR was to arrive.

Unfortunately, the deer has passed away.

One local resident commented on what the rescue was like.

“It was quite an experience for sure,” resident Sue Van Oosten said. “We would do it again if we had too.”

She commended the Deveau’s for getting the ball rolling in rescuing the stranded deer.