Author Garrett releases recipe book A Taste of the Wild

HALIFAX: First published in 1975, A Taste of the Wild is a forager’s dream cookbook.

Centred around 40 commonly foraged plants in Canada, Blanche Pownall Garrett’s collection offers unique and exciting ways to cook, bake and drink the bounty in your own backyard.

With the spring now in full swing, many people are starting to forage for wild plants across Canada.

Recipes are organized by season and by plant, ensuring that you will have a recipe to use all parts of the plants you pick – berries, leaves, flowers and stems.

This book features stunning photographs, lists helpful identification tips of each plant, likely locations to find it and blooming season.

The recipes use common and popular fruits such as wild blueberries, wild strawberries and wild apples but also use more unique yet abundant plants like dandelion, nettle and marsh marigold.

Blanche Pownall Garrett is also the author of Canadian Country Preserves and Wine.

She was a contributing editor of a cooking column in Outdoor Canada. She lived in Goderich, Ontario.