Bedford man sentenced for causing distress to an animal

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    HALIFAX: A 56-year-old Bedford man has been sentenced under the Animal Protection Act of Nova Scotia, the N.S. SPCA said.

    Xiong Zhou was sentenced for causing an animal to be in distress contrary to Section 26 (1) of the act.

    The SPCA said in a release that on Aug. 31, 2023, Nova Scotia SPCA Enforcement Officers received a report about a dog owner who was refusing to have their animal receive veterinary medical treatment.


    When officers arrived at the residence the dog was emaciated, dehydrated, and unable to bear weight on its back end, a large mass had formed and was untreated.

    The animal was seized by officers.   

    Zhou is not allowed to own, have custody of, or be in care or control of any animal.

    As well, he is not to reside in any residence or on any property in which animals are housed or kept for three years.


    Zhou must surrender any animals currently in their care or custody to the Nova Scotia SPCA within 72 hours of the ruling. 

    “As dogs age they must continue to receive appropriate veterinary care,” said Chief Inspector Jo-Anne Landsburg.

    “To prevent any suffering of your animal, you should follow through with the professional advice of your veterinary medicine team.”