COLUMN: Ask the Vet with Dr. Juanita Ashton, Elmsdale Vet

Jessica Bennett: How do we heal rough pads on our dog’s paws? Is it normal for dogs to get rough pads in winter?

Dr. Juanita: Thanks Jessica for the great question! Many pet parents have this question during the winter months. Dry pads can happen during the winter months for a number of reasons. The snow, ice and cold ground are common in the winter, exposure to these elements along with salt on the pavement can lead to dry rough pads.

I often see success with a product called BioBalm made by Dermoscent. It is made out of a blend of plant oils and you can order it online or at your vet. There are however, numerous other illnesses and skin disorders that could be afflicting some pets who have dry rough pads.

It always good to get things checked by your vet. 

Alicia Doucette Brightman: Can our pets get covid19. They say it can’t be transferred from pet to human but I question it. I have been trying my hardest to keep my cats inside there sneaky though.

Dr. Juanita:
There is no evidence we have so far that says pets can infect us humans with COVID-19.

Pets can however, carry the virus on their fur possibly if a COVID positive person had sneezed or coughed some virus particles on their coat.

It is not yet known how long the virus could possibly stay on the hair coat or what the virus can do to cats and dogs if they ingest it. More research is currently underway. In the meantime, do your best to try to keep your kitty inside.

Also, if you become COVID positive, keep your distance from your pet as best you can, again, in case your pet carries the virus on their coat and someone else touches them and gets infected.

Great question!