COLUMN: MP’s News & Views with Darrell Samson

MP Darrell Samson at the ceremony wishing HMCS Halifax farewell and good wishes. (Submitted photo)

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Update on Ukraine

At the time of writing this, Ukraine has been under siege for almost one month with Russian forces invading their cities and causing unfathomable chaos.

By flagrantly breaking established international protocols, Russia is demonstrating that they have no interest in a peaceful resolution, nor following the international rules-based order that has protected global security for the past 73 years.

Currently, the invasion has resulted in approximately 2700 civilian deaths and 4.1-million Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country.

It is my hope that by the time you read this, Russia will have withdrawn their military from Ukraine.  It does not seem likely at this point, but we can all hope.

HMCS Halifax

Canada will continue to work closely and swiftly with NATO in response to Russia’s actions as they represent a direct threat to the peace and security of Ukraine, and the world.  

On March 19, HMCS Halifax (with a Cyclone helicopter out of 12 Wing Shearwater) left for a six-month deployment in the Baltic region as part of Operation Reassurance. 

Aboard are 235 members who will not be home to celebrate Easter with their families.

Depending on the requirements at the time, their mission will include defence if necessary and/or assistance with humanitarian efforts.