Steve Stretach, the councillor for District 1. (Healey file photo)

No word from developer on contentious Ingram Drive development

WINDSOR JUNCTION: The local councillor says he as of yet doesn’t know much about a proposed development that has residents concerned and worried.

Steve Streatch said he is aware of a development that is proposed for Ingram Drive in Windsor Junction, in Fall River Village. It is one that has many residents worried about the impact it will bring to their quaint street.

“It is very early days in the application process,” he said. “I have not been contacted by the developer, but I have been contacted by several residents who are concerned about the scope and the magnitude, as well as the implications of that development.”

He said his understanding is its a large, multi-storey, multi-residential development, with a light industrial component.

“I think it speaks to a public use storage facility,” he said. “At present that is all I know.”

Streatch said there will be plenty of opportunity for public engagement as part of the application process.

“I don’t know much more than what the public knows,” he said.

He said when a date is set for the public meeting, he will advise the community so they can come out and attend, letting their voices be heard.

Streatch, like many others, stunned by U.S. election outcome

FALL RIVER: Steve Streatch was like many others, shocked at the final result of the U.S. Presidential Election that saw Donald Trump defeat heavy favourite Hillary Clinton.

The Waverley-Fall River-Musquodoboit Valley representative summarized the results with one word – “wow.”

“All I can say is wow,” he said. “That was a campaign like I have never see before and hope to not have to see again.

“All I can say is we are so fortunate to live in Canada and so fortunate to be as mature of a society as I believe we are.”

He said it was evident the campaign was divisive.

“It was an ugly campaign, the personal attacks back and forth,” he said. “I don’t live in the U.S. so I don’t take sides.

“At the same time, the people of the United States of America have elected a president and whether you think that was the right or wrong decision, those Americans have to come behind that President and support him for the greater good not only their country, but indeed our country as the closest neighbour with the longest unprotected border.”

Councillor provides Holiday message, encourages food drive support

FALL RIVER: The local councillor is wishing all of his constituents the very Best this holiday season and is encouraging residents support the Lions Christmas Express food drive to ensure those in need get a ‘merry’ Christmas as well.

“I am a very big supporter of the local community groups and their efforts to help those in need, especially during the Christmas season,” Steve Streatch said. “I would encourage residents to support their local food drives, whether its the Lions Christmas Express or the senior groups in Fall River, Waverley, right up through the Musquodoboit Valley.”

“There are those who are not as fortunate as others and it is incumbent upon us to help those that are in need.”

He said he and wife Marilyn and family wanted to pass on their greetings to all.

“We want to wish everyone the very best of the Christmas season and a very Happy New Year,” said Streatch.

Fletchers Lake speeding has Streatch’s attention

FLETCHERS LAKE: The current speed limit as well as speeding in general in the area communities has the attention of the newly elected local councillor.

Steve Streatch said speeding isn’t just an issue in the local community, but many other communities.

“I’ve seen it first hand over the course of the last few months out campaigning,” he said. “The efforts by citizens to put up signs to slow down. Those are all admirable and I’m sure have had some effect.

He said what they really need is more police presence.

“I am going to try and encourage a greater presence in the community here,” he said.

Streatch announces office opening at Snow Centre

FALL RIVER: The new councillor is acquainting himself with his new office at the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre in Fall River.

Steve Streatch, who was sworn in on Nov. 1, said he does plan to make the Snow Centre his permanent office, with a satellite office being set up in the Musquodoboit Valley.

“I have always believed it is important to have your councillor and elected representatives accessible to the people easily within the district,” Streatch said. “Some councillors chose to have their office at City Hall, but quite frankly it was part of my recent campaign that I would come to the people.”

He said he will be available through request and scheduled hours once they are set up.

Streatch said it is his intent to spread himself between City Hall, the Fall River office, and the Musq. Valley where people need him to be.

He said the staff at the Snow Centre have assured him he will receive a level of cooperation from them that will allow him to do his job, and for them to help him.

“We’ll be working together as a team here,” he said. “I’m looking forward to helping people in the area with the issues they need help with.”