COVID19: “We are all suffering because of this pandemic.”

It's a crazy time right now for many, including business owners such as Dr. Beth Burchinshaw. (Submitted photo)

Fall River Chiro sees all revenue lost in April due to COVID19 closure

FALL RIVER: The shutdown of businesses because of COVID19 “blindsided and eliminated all the income” for one Fall River business.

Fall River Chiropractic saw their March revenue dropped by 42 per cent and April by almost all of it because of the State of Emergency health order that saw them along with many in their field close, say owner/operator Dr. Beth Burchinshaw.

But because they are in the health field, they are opened but mostly on an emergency basis only.

“Being a healthcare clinic, we are not only mandated by the province on our operational ability but ruled by our governing body to ensure our members a are abiding by regulation,” she said. “The nature of our business does not allow for the social distancing requirement, so we went from an active busy happy clinic employing 11 dedicated employees to just me, the owner, in days. With no warning.

“My staff didn’t have time to prepare, our patients could not attend their treatments which were booked, some months in advance. It all just stopped. It was devastating to all of us.”

Burchinshaw said there have been many tears with the inability to support those who have supported the business over the past six years.

“And, in true form, through the most significant business downturn I hope to ever experience, all of their support continues,” she said smiling. “Staff, patients, suppliers and surrounding businesses, they have all rallied behind us and we will return to business being forever grateful for it.”

She explained that as a chiropractor, they’re considered first line health care and have been able to see people on an emergency basis only (which requires substantial pain and disability to qualify for care).

Telehealth was eventually named as an option, but this was not something Fall River clinic adopted.

“I kept my care to phone call and exercises virtually to maintain people until we can open again and the odd emergency visit when required.,” she said.

From what Burchinshaw understands, her business may be among the first wave of businesses to open.

“Though it will be a while until it’s business as normal, getting back into the groove will save us,” she said. “Both mentally and financially. We will be opening our doors with significant debt waiting for us.

“The government funding has helped us survive but lots of it will still need to be repaid. I trust our business and the support from our patients has always been strong so we will survive, we are one of the lucky ones.”

Burchinshaw said they are only able to make it through the ebbs and flows of COVID19 with the support of other businesses, such as Crombie with rent relief and Eastlink waving some payments. Other companies allowed them to be overdue with payments with no penalty.

“They are the reason we will survive. These all are businesses too… they have mortgages and employees and expenses to pay, they are taking a hit to allow us to be able to survive the pandemic,” she said. “Lots of people are condemning some of the larger companies for their lack of aide for the businesses that support them, but I encourage people to see the big picture.

“We are all suffering because of this pandemic. The global situation has affected us all negatively.

“No matter what size the company, how much their annual revenue is, big or small, we are all in this together.”