FALL RIVER: If only Daisy the Daschund could talk, she could tell her humans Joanna Church and Sean Vaillancourt all about her adventures.

Daisy was spooked outside her families Ingram Drive, Fall River home by New Years Eve fireworks. Three days and four nights later, and six kilometres from home, she was found.

It all began on Dec. 31. Wanting to have Daisy inside before the New Years Eve fireworks started Vaillancourt let Daisy out to do her business at their Ingram Drive home, like he would on any other night.

However, people started shooting off fireworks as she was outside and that freightened Daisy.

“I saw her take cover under the bushes in the front of the house, so I went to put on some shoes to go out and get her,” recalled Vaillancourt. “By the time I went to the bushes she was gone.

“I tried searching that night around the local properties in the dark and one of my neighbours came out to walk his dog. He helped me search as well.”

At 7 a.m. on News Years Day, Vaillancourt picked up the search, knowing a snowstorm was heading towards the province. He also knew that their little princess, who sleeps with the couple in bed, couldn’t be enjoying being out on the lam.

“I went walking throughout the neighbourhood asking people who I met on the walk if they have seen a black and tan Daschund on their walk,” he said. “They all replied no. This kind gentleman asked me if I have ever heard of NS lost dog network. I replied no and he told me to get in touch with them because they can get all the particulars up on her on their page.”

He returned home and did just that, and within an hour it was up on their Facebook page.

“Almost immediately people were sharing, and I received plenty of phone calls from people giving support and asking what they can do to help,” said Vaillancourt. “It was very humbling to see a bunch of strangers reach out to our family.”

The next day Vaillancourt said Nikki Marie, a nurse by trade and a dog tracker as a hobby, reached out to him. She had shared the message about Daisy, 10, missing. She told him how to make the posters and there were countless of people searching.

On the third day missing and following the snowstorm which included ice and below freezing temperatures, Vaillancourt was beginning to feel depressed with no sight of Daisy.

He had a FB Memory pop up showing Daisy. That gave him a strong feeling she would be found.

“The day she went missing I prayed that God would protect her and then seeing that picture gave me hope,” he said. “About two hours after that I received a phone call from a resident of Waverley that Daisy was underneath her deck.”

He, along with Nikki Marie, drove to the caller’s home to see if it was indeed his fur baby.

“When we got there, we looked throughout her deck, but Daisy was not there,” said Vaillancourt.

As if a message from up above was sent Vaillancourt decided to head down to the street.

“Luckily, there was fresh snow, so we followed Daisy’s tracks,” he said. “I went down to the street and these two neighbourhood girls were walking with a dog with no leash. I soon realized that it was Daisy.

“I called her name, and she came running to me and jumped into my arms giving me kisses and I was crying, told the girls that I was so happy.”

Sean and Nikki Marie after Daisy was found. (Submitted photo)

Vaillancourt and Nikki Marie took Daisy to the vets to get checked out, and with the exception of a few scratches she was fine.

He couldn’t believe he had Daisy back.

“Three days and four nights with coyotes, bears and owls out in our backyard, not to mention cars and trucks” said Vaillancourt.

“It was a minor miracle that she was found safe.”

While all this was happening, Joanna was thousands of miles away with her brother and sister-in-law in Ohio after the two had been involved in a serious car accident.

Both Church and Vaillancourt wanted to express their deepest of thanks to all who helped out.

“It was very humbling and made me realize what a great community wee live in,” said Vaillancourt.

“I’m so amazed at this community and I am glad that we have each other backs.

And if Daisy could talk, what does Vaillancourt think she would say?

“If Daisy could talk, I believe she would be like survivor man telling us how to survive in the elements living under decks, how to drink snow to survive and how to fool predators,” he said with a chuckle.

“I know that she was telling her cat siblings all about her adventure.”