Dog-gone good

Cheryl Sinnott’s Italian Greyhounds Charley, Oliver bring home first place honours

Charley and Oliver, Italian Greyhound owned by Cheryl and Steve Sinnott of Waverley, brought home two top honours from the recently held National Specialty show in Moncton, N.B. (Healey photo)

WAVERLEY: Walking inside Cheryl and Steve Sinnott’s home in the Spider Lake subdivision in Waverley, I’m eagerly greeted by Oliver and Charley, two Italian Greyhounds. Both are on leashes as a newcomer comes into their domain.

Oliver and Charley are two of five Italian Greyhounds the Sinnott’s own. They both recently brought home top honours from an Italian Greyound National Specialty dog show, held in Moncton, N.B. Oliver’s win is called the Best Of Winners, while Charley’s is called the Best Of Breed, National Specialty Winner.

As I come into the living room and sit down, Charley comes over and investigates myself as Oliver sniffs around my camera bag, likely smelling the scent of my cat on it.

“I was really happy and surprised,” said Cheryl on the results. “Oliver just started showing and Charley has won the Specialty before. We figured we would give it one more go. He’s semi-retired.

“When we got there he won and Oliver grew some brain cells and did really well as well. I’m really happy with hoe they did.”

The competition, which saw the two earn first place honours, featured dogs from across Canada that belong to the national breed club.

Cheryl said they do some training on the table in preparation for any dog shows. Oliver just turned two and Charley will be seven in May 2018.

“We work with them on going around the ring too,” she said. “Charley basically shows himself. He just goes into the ring and knows what he has to do.”

As she answers the questions, the two dogs try to assert their powers to be the center of attention by whining and even getting up on us.

For her, the two top finishes was special—mostly because the local club hosted the nationals.

“I just went to have a good time and make sure the Specialty went off well,” she said, “and to come home with the wins was doubly awesome.”