Dr Strang: Education department finalizing specific graduation plans

The Department of Education is finalizing specific graduation plans, says Dr. Robert Strang, the province's Chief Medical Officer of Health. (Communications N.S. Photo)

FALL RIVER: The final details are being ironed out by the Department of Education on what graduations will look like later this month, said Nova Scotia’s top doctor.

Dr. Robert Strang was asked what graduations would exactly look like, with most likely falling after phase two of the province’s five-phase plan takes place (as long as the epidemiology and active case continue to trend down).

“I know they’re working on specific graduation plans celebrating the academic achievements of students,” he said at the June 4 COVIDE-19 briefing, responding to the question asked by The Laker News. “Those will be done within the allowable public health guidelines.

“That’s going to be in all likelihood under Phase two so it will be whatever gatherings is allowed under Phase two.”

He said Public Health is working with the Education department on those plans.

Dr. Strang then spoke about any community celebrations of the graduates.

“For any community groups celebrating grads, I come back to my previous answer,’ he said. “Whatever is done will have to be done under what’s allowable at whatever phase we’re at.

“It’s likely going to be in phase two where we’ll have very limited ability, very small numbers, for indoor and outdoor celebrations.”

Here is the video from the June 4 COVID-19 briefing where we asked about graduations. The question is asked at the 1:13 mark of the clip. Video edited by Dagley Media.

He understands it’s disappointing, but it’s where the province is at as it reopens cautiously.

“I know that’s unfortunate, and people are disappointed,” said Dr. Strang. “Large social gatherings are very high risk of transmitting Covid.

“We have to re-introduce those very carefully.”