Dragons rugby teams compete at Icebreaker

Braydon Corbin of the Lockview High Dragon becomes a HERH Tiger sandwhich and loses control of the ball during Icebreaker game action. (Healey photo)

BURNSIDE: The Lockview High Dragons boys and girls rugby teams took part in the annual Icebreaker tournament, held April 14 at the Harbour East All-Weather Field in Burnside, near Dartmouth Crossing.

PHOTOS: Lockview and HERH game action shots from the Icebreaker

An HERH Tiger attempts to stop Lockview High’s Hickey during game action. (Healey photo)

Lockview had several close games in the one-day tournament, which is used as a warm-up for players and a tool for new players to get to know the game with coaches on the field to help as well as the referee.

The season was set to begin the week of April 20.

A Lockview Dragon reaches for the ball. (Healey photo)
(Healey photo)