EDITORIAL: Respecting each other as COVID-19 restrictions lift

Pat Healey (file/Photo by Amy Holloway Photography)

We all need to remember to be kind.

Each of us saw the COVID-19 public health restrictions that we had over the past two years differently, some were good with them, others thought they shouldn’t have been in place as is.

I would hazard a guess that Dr. Strang and the Premiers (McNeil; Rankin; and now Houston) were conflicted too in placing the restrictions in place, because of the impacts it would have on their fellow Nova Scotians.

If they hadn’t put them in place, I would hate to think how much worse off we could have been.

While having all the restrictions announced as lifting March 21 is good news, we need to remember there are some who will have anxiety over this transition. There are some who think it’s too soon, there are some who think it’s a year overdue.

My social media feed—especially the lovely Twitter—is filled with people, even the staunchest supporters of the restrictions, hesitant about the unexpected news the province made on Feb. 23.

The past two years—especially the past year at least—there seems to be divide upon good friends because of how they viewed things or how they didn’t. It was like pitting some neighbours against each other.

I have tried to—and think I have been for the most part–be respectful of friends who didn’t have same view as me over the past two years. Because that is your opinion and it’s to be respected, like I would hope they respect mine.

If we all had the same view this world would be so boring.

So, in the coming months as the change is made, and some still want to distance and wear a mask which they freely can do, let’s remember to be kind to one another.

Let our healing as friends and neighbours begin, and let us give thanks to those who kept us safe. Our frontline healthcare workers and Dr. Strang and his staff.

  • Pat Healey
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