FALL RIVER: The community of Fall River has the lowest child poverty rate across Nova Scotia, says a report from a Halifax think tank.

The Nova Scotia office for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternative (CCPA) produced the report, which was released on Dec. 13. It indicated that the city of Halifax had the seventh highest rate of child poverty across Canada. It was listed among Canada’s 25 largest cities. Windsor, Ont. took top spot in the 2017 CCPA analysis.

Almost 13,700 children—or one in five—were living in poverty in Halifax in 2015, the report said. That’s the year with the most recent available data.

The CCPA report indicated poverty levels in some areas of the HRM could be as high as 40 per cent.

It’s analysis found that poverty in municipalities across the province indicates a “quite significant” range.

Fall River’s rate is at 3.9 per cent.

Other local communities were mentioned in the report. Beaver Bank has an 11.2 per cent rate; Waverley is at 7.9 per cent; and Enfield, HRM was pegged at 9.5 per cent.