This little guy was captured in some practice action involving kids and adults a like before the adults got down to business. (Healey photo)_

FALL RIVER: Four teams got together on Saturday afternoon, June 2 to battle for four-on-four ball hockey supremacy in the third annual Fall River Street Hockey Tournament.

The event is brainchild of Steve MacLellan, and this year teams battled it out at the cul-de-sac on Aberdeen Drive supporting the Dragons Football sports field being constructed at High Road/Carmel.

PHOTOS: A look at some of the game action

There was lots to do for those in between games. (Healey photo)

MacLellan helps families of all incomes reach their financial potential ( and is backed by the World Financial Group Charity trust which will match every dollar raised for the much desired recreational field to be used by the Dragons and locals.

Before the first ball was dropped on June 2, $800 had been raised, including donations from Bill Horne MLA and several prizes from local businesses.

An application to match the funds has been forwarded to The World Financial Group Charity Trust, and once approved, $1,600 was raised during a fun day of street hockey and community bonding.

The winning team taking home the trophy was The Plain White T’s, which included: captain Ross Barkhouse; Jake Barkhouse; Mike Barkhouse; Riley Murphy; Branden Hillier; Ben Guenette; Herve Guenette; Tony Croft; Patrick Tucker; Jack Meek; Ben Hicks; and Scott Meek.

He said they started the tournament to bring the neighbors together for a fun event and decided to turn it into a charity event.

MacLellan wished to thank the following for their support of this year’s event: Mark Gouthro and Fall River Sobeys for providing the food and bbqing; Dr. Beth Burchinshaw from Fall River Chiropractic; Greg MacDonald and Gino Spinazzola of Atlantic Road Construction & Paving Ltd for providing great prizes and the fencing; Bill Horne, MLA for attending and generous donation; Kristiana McIntyre Brideau for the fantastic face painting; Jason O’Hearn from Timbermart who provided the lumber; and of course the players and neighbors who made the event such a success.

Goalie Steve MacLellan’s face and eyes say it all as he can’t get back in time and opponent from the Plain White T’s score on him in goal for the People’s Champs. (Healey photo)