Firefighters save Fall River house

Crews from several stations responded to early morning conflagration on Beech Hill Drive

Firefighters prevented the fire from getting into the house from the garage in Fall River on March 17. A firewall between the two also assisted. Everyone that was home managed to get out. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: A family of five and their pets are safe and okay following an early morning fire that destroyed the garage attached to their Fall River home on March 17.

The home on Beech Hill Drive was saved from any extension or damage from the fire by the quickly responding firefighters to the scene. More than 30 firefighters from Station 45 (Fall River); Station 41 (Waverley); Station 42 (Wellington); Station 43 (Grand Lake); Station 10 (Sackville); Tac 45 (Fall River); Tac 12 (Dartmouth); and Station 9 (Metropolitan, Sackville) attended the conflagration. There was also standby coverage.

VIDEO: House saved from fire

Firefighter Stephanie Pentland (in front, not seen) with Richard Prevost assisting, sprays the top window of the second floor at a garage fire in Fall River on March 17. (Healey photo)

It was called in at 5:24 a.m. Firefighters at the scene said they could see the flames shooting in the air as they came by GP Vanier on their way to the scene. Others said flames and smoke were clearly visible from Highway 102 EHS also responded to the scene. A jeep could be seen in the right side bay of the garage.

“It was a good save,” said Station 45 Station Chief Nick Yeomans at the scene.

He said crews arrived to a working fire in the garage, with an extension into the second floor.

VIDEO: Firefighters extinguish hot spots at house fire

While The Laker was at the scene—and while fire investigators sifted through what was left looking for a possible cause— some light smoke from the windows by the attic appeared.Firefighters Stephanie Pentland with assistance from Richard Prevost extinguished it by dousing it with water. They also doused part of the house nearest to the garage to keep it safe. There was a firewall between the garage and house.

The garage was completely destroyed. The back of a jeep is also seen in one of the bays in the garage. (Healey photo)

A family friend reported they are all doing okay. An official with HRM Fire told a Halifax media outlet that a woman was attended to by paramedics at the scene for minor smoke inhalation.

Firefighters from Station 43 and Station 45 were still on scene at noon time, but had begun packing up.

Yeomans said the cause of the fire is under investigation.