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ENFIELD: Over the last two weeks, East Hants RCMP have responded to 216 calls for service; 111 were traffic related (enforcement and/or complaints). This is weekending April 13. 

The following is some information from RCMP as provided by Cpl. Jon Neima.

Protect your property

Folks are encouraged to document all of their valuables with serial numbers, and take photos of them as well. 

Break and Enters are still occurring, and one of the best things you can do to assist police is to have a list of all your valuables with associated serial numbers.  Photos of the items are also good to have.

You should also consider looking in to some sort of home security: whether it be a full out security system with cameras and motion lights, or a few strategically placed trail cameras, or any sort of combination of these things.


East Hants RCMP continue to get numerous complaints regarding ATV’s abusing their privileges. 

Everyone who is bothered by the erratic driving and increased speed. are encouraged to call in to the detachment to make a file.

If you can, please provide a description of the ATV, what the offensive behaviour is/was, last known direction of travel, and what the driver was wearing. 

If you know who the driver is, feel free to make an anonymous call in to Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers at 902-720-5719, or go online at crimestoppers.ns.ca

For those willing to provide statements on the behaviour where the driver is known, charges could potentially be made.


Residents of East Hants are asked to be mindful of their speeds.

East Hants RCMP officers have been on the road, and report that many folks in the area continue to push the limits.

This is happening most notably in the Corridor between Enfield and Shubie, as well as all along the Hwy 14. 

Enforcement has and will continue to occur.


East Hants RCMP responded to a report of an erratic driver on April 1. 

The vehicle was located and stopped by members.

A trained Drug Recognition Expert conducted an evaluation and found the 49-year old from Halifax to be impaired by drugs. 

Police said charges are pending. 


East Hants RCMP members continue to attend training and enhance their skills for impaired driving tactics. 

Most of the officers are trained to use roadside alcohol screening devices, many are trained to conduct roadside Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

A few are trained to use roadside drug screening devices or conduct Drug Recognition Evaluations (DRE). 

Practice safe driving: Drive sober or arrange alternate transportation.

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