Group opposed to Fall River quarry stepping back in fight

Premier Stephen McNeil walks behind Liberal MLA Bill Horne in this file photo in Waverley. (Healey file photo)

MILLER LAKE WEST: The group opposed to Scotian Materials’ construction of a quarry in Miller Lake West have lost their most recent appeal, and with that they have announced they are stepping back in their fight.

While not fully giving up, in a post on the group’s Facebook page said they will be keeping an eye on what the company that is building the quarry will be doing, and will utilize the Community Liaison group the company has in place.

“We have been waiting on the latest decision about our appeal. We were quite hopeful that this judge would make the right decision based on the facts of this case, but unfortunately our appeal was dismissed,” the post, which was published March 19, said. “While we have some recourse to appeal again, we are out of money. We raised thousands of dollars through the years and have had a lot of support, but after eight years, a lot of people at this point have lost the drive to keep fighting, some even think its been over.

“Frankly, our little group have spent a lot of time and energy fighting Scotian Materials and the provincial government. While we have managed to make lots of impacts and hold up operation at times – fighting corruption has taken its toll. “

The post said that Scotian has lots of money to throw at the battle and have been pretty confident since they have had the unwavering support of the NS Liberals.

“We do not agree with some of the points that the judge has made in the appeal and we will never agree that this quarry (or asphalt plant or concrete plant) should be anywhere near the site it is in, for so many reasons,” the post said.

The group said they are still considering to continue to fight.

“To fight for our community’s health, safety, our homes because Scotian Materials wants to increase the size of the quarry 10-fold,” the post said. “Its mind-blowing.”

It continued saying that it’s been a disappointment how an entire community, the municipal government (also the municipal planning documents were ignored), a world-renowned blasting expert, and plenty of scientific proof showing the effects on the watersheds that it effects and surrounding lakes and streams (one steam had been destroyed) appear to have no weight.

The post offered a tip of the hat to the community members.

“Thank you all for the support over the years, and for the media that have kept our fight in the public eye,” said the post.

In concluding, the post said they will continue to at the very least demand the company follow the rules – although even that has been challenging.

“We hope the next government will lead Nova Scotia into a brighter future than what we are looking at now,” said the post. “We will cross our fingers that we do not see any adverse impacts from the quarry operations.”