Inaugural Halloween event for everyBODY of all abilities held

It was a scary good time at the Accessible Halloween Trick or Treating event on Cramel Crescent making Halloween for everyBODY. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: Trick or Treating is for everybody and in one Fall River street that was made possible this year.

Halloween night saw most residents on Carmel Crescent put up tables at the end of their driveway and saw people of all abilities—those with or without a disability—for two hours.

The event was held to make Halloween more accessible, complete with an earlier start, flat surfaces, barrier free stations, and alternative treat options.

SUPERMAN came to the Accessible Halloween event on Carmel Crescent. (Healey photo)


In Nova Scotia, about one in five youth live with a disability. These kids often experience barriers to Trick-or-Treating and joining in the fun with their friends and family.

Little tweaks to one’s Halloween routine can make this holiday more enjoyable and inclusive for all.

That’s what took place along Carmel Crescent in Fall River, and from all accounts—and the looks on those participating with disabilities–everyone enjoyed the fun event.

Sarah Moore spoke about why she participated in the event

“Kids with disabilities may experience barriers to Halloween in the way it is traditionally put on,” said Moore. “Our Crescent wanted to participate in Treat Accessibly, an event that was first started in 2017 by the Padulo family to help make Halloween available and inclusive for everyone.”

Some of the accessible Halloween participants were captured trick or treating at the start. (Healey photo)
It was a family affair for the Hughes family. (Healey photo)
This hotdog was a catch handing out treats, while helped dressed as a Raptors basketball player. (Healey photo)d by a four-legged furball (Healey photo)


She was excited for the amount of crowd that came out. The event was advertised through a number of organizations including Easter Seals NS.

“The kids are having a great time,” she said. “Some of them have said they haven’t been out on Halloween for quite a long time so it’s nice to see them out here.

“They’re having a lot of fun.”

Three friends head for one of the stops with treats on Carmel Crescent. (Healey photo)
This doggie was helping its humans hand out treats. (Healey photo)

Carmel Crescent wants everyone to feel they are part of Halloween.

They hope to keep building on this year’s success and make it even better next year.


Volunteers and community members made the event a success. (Healey photo)
Thing 1 and Thing 2 showed up at the Halloween for everyBODY event. (Healey photo)