Jacy Grant in the C-1 race. (Len Wagg/Communications N.S. Photo)

WELLINGTON: A Wellington athlete has made the top 100 from across Canada that will compete at the National final for RBC Training Ground.

Cheema’s Jacy Grant, fresh off her handful of gold medal haul at the Canada Games in Niagara, Ont., was one of those listed when RBC Training Ground announced the finalists on Sept. 19.

Grant is one of six Nova Scotians that made the list.

This past spring more than 1,500 young athletes participated in RBC Training Ground qualifying events across the country. Many also completed sport-specific testing with one of the program’s nine National Sport Organization (NSO) partners, the release said.

RBC Training Ground announced that the 100 athletes will continue their journey toward the podium at the national final this October in Ottawa, with the chance to earn funding and a spot on Team Canada.

During RBC Training Ground National Final testing, athletes’ speed, power, strength, and endurance will be evaluated against sport-specific, high-performance benchmarks over the course of a few hours in front of program officials.

Other Nova Scotians named include: Alex Erith-Ellwood of Elderbank; Madeline Cook of Hammonds Plains; Craig Johnson of Dartmouth; Eli Nowlan of Dartmouth; and Melanie Helfenstein of Hammonds Plains.

The top 30 athletes will be selected for funding and will be announced later this year, following a nationally televised documentary on TSN.

A new season of RBC Training Ground will launch in early 2023.

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