GRAND LAKE: A Halifax man has been placed on house arrest at his sisters home in Grand Lake after being granted bail on pimping-related charges.

Duncan Robertson Wright, 46, has been in custody for two years awaiting trial on the charges, which include human trafficking. According to the Halifax Herald, he applied for bail in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax, He’s scheduled to stand trial in September on the charges, which involve five girls or young women.

In a decision on June 20, Justice Josh Arnold released Wright on a $28,000 recognizance with three sureties – his father, sister and her husband.

The judge placed Wright on house arrest at his sister’s home on Hartland Drive in Grand Lake and ordered him to report to Halifax Regional Police by phone every Friday and deposit his passport with the lead investigator.

He can only leave the house for medical emergencies and appointments or legal commitments, provided that he’s escorted by a surety.

In the Herald article, it said Arnold prohibited Wright from being in the company of anyone under 18 unless a surety is present and from attending any places where there are likely to be children under 16, except with a surety.

The judge also said Wright cannot have any contact with the five alleged victims or their family members and is not allowed to associate with anyone known to be involved in the sex trade.

The judge also prohibited Wright from consuming alcohol or drugs, possessing weapons, having a cellphone, pager, laptop computer or any other device capable of connecting to the internet, and using email, texts or any other form of electronic messaging.

Wright has been in custody since April 2017, when he was arrested on 22 charges that at first involved three teenage girls. He is charged with a slew of offences.

The indictment alleges the offences were committed in Halifax between July 2016 and April 2017.