OTTAWA, Ont.: MP Darrell Samson feels confident the proposed tax changes for small businesses that are out in the public domain won’t be the final draft that MP’s will vote on.

The Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook representative said the draft was released on July 18 by the Department of Finance that focuses on tax planning using private corporations. It was alluded to during the 2017 budget that the federal Liberals would be making certain changes to tax planning for private corporations,.

Samson said he has heard from many constituents with concerns about the tax changes, saying they would affect them as small business owners.

“There are proposal and an open document on the table that is open for consultation and feedback,” said Samson to The Laker in a phone interview on Sept. 22 at Good Day Cafe. “That feedback is coming. I’m making sure as the representative that I articulate the concerns of my constituents.”

Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook Liberal MP Darrell Samson says there’s nothing for MPs to vote on currently regarding the small business tax changes. (Healey file photo)

The Fall River resident, in his rookie tenure on Parliament Hill, was reported in an Ottawa media outlet as having joined seven other Liberal MPs opposed to the tax changes. He told The Laker he wouldn’t go that far as there is nothing in front of him and his fellow MP’s to vote on.

He said the proposal seems to have created quite an engagement and healthy discussion among Canadians.

“There’s no question the information that first came out when the process started, constituents and small business owners felt they had major concerns and that they would be directly hit,” he said. “As we’re moving forward, our government is underlining that small business and mid-size business making under $150,000 a year will not be affected.

“The small business community works hard, they take risks. They have no pension. They have no benefits, they have no vacation. So they need some measures to save money for their retirement. Those are vital concerns that need to be addressed.”

Samson said the discussion is interesting.

“We’re getting some positive feedback as far as possible changes that would not have the same effect as they feel the proposals are aiming at,” said Samson. “It’s good to see the healthy conversation. I think it’s evident there’s many concerns.

“The amount of people providing feedback on this issue is a lot. It’s evident it’s a wide net of many categories affected.”

He encourages small business owners to write government about their concerns, showing examples of its impact.

“It allows us as the government to look at that and see how we can best answer to those issues,” he said. “It’s definitely a healthy discussion.”

Samson believes the final product will be much different then the proposal that has created quite a stir across the country.

“We have to work through their concerns and find a happy medium where we both can be satisfied with the final product,” said Samson.