MAIN PHOTO: The N.S. Strong quilt that has tickets being sold on it for a fundraiser. (Margaret Mauger photo)

SHUBENCADIE: A quilt made in the wake of the mass shooting in April is being used to help raise funds for a new non-profit organization launched in Shubenacadie.

After-Trauma Empowerment Network (ATEN) is a new community based non-profit organization that works to empower individuals, families and communities affected by trauma to live an empowered life to reach their fullest potential. ATEN is culturally and socially inclusive and is a Safe-Space and Ally for LGBTT2IQQ* individuals and other marginalized groups.  

The Nova Scotia Strong Quilt of Hope was made by one of ATEN’s founders, Margaret Mauger, over a three-month period after the mass shooting in April 2020.  

“After the mass shooting, I felt a compulsion to do something to help myself deal and process this tragedy that happened in our communities,” said Mauger. “I sat down at my kitchen table one evening and sketched out my idea for a quilt on a sticky note. The next day I went to the fabric store and began working on it right away.

“I would put on an old hockey game and work on it every evening. It was therapy for me to work on this quilt.”

She said the 80×80 quilt was hand-quilted and there is love and hope in every stitch.  

“I made the quilt with the intention of donating it to our non-profit organization (ATEN) to raise funds for our service delivery and operating expenses,” she said. “ATEN currently has no long-term funding in place and relies on the generous support of donations for operation.” 

Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $20 and are only available at (online and electronic purchases not permitted): 

  •  Martin’s Rite Stop – 2864 Highway 2, Shubenacadie NS 
  • Milford Esso – 2301 Hwy 2, Milford, NS 
  • Coldstream Clear Distillery – 2830 Main St. W, Stewiacke NS 
  • After Trauma Empowerment Network (ATEN) – 2830 Hwy 2, Shubenacadie NS (Fridays 10 am-12 pm) 
  • Rose Delong – 98 Riverside Dr., Stewiacke NS 
  • Great British Grub Cafe – 535 Prince St., Truro NS 

The draw is scheduled for Nov. 29 at 2 p.m. at Shooters Bar & Grill (Enfield). 

Mauger has already started working on the next quilt for their next fundraiser.

“I’m currently working on an African Queen quilt that I hope to start selling tickets on in early January 2021 and then host the draw the end of February for African Heritage Month,” said Mauger.