NDP: Premier Houston must ensure safe return to school in two weeks

NDP;s Claudia Chender. (Submitted photo)

From a press release:

HALIFAX: With two weeks before students and teachers return to the classroom, parents are worried about the low vaccine uptake and lack of boosters for children under 12.

Only 45 percent of children 5-11 years old have two doses of COVID-19 vaccine. 

“We’ve seen Tim Houston ignore the concerns of parents and teachers who are worried about what a return to school will mean for their children and families,” said NDP Leader Claudia Chender.

“We’ve been told people have all the tools they need but more can and should be done to make vaccines for young children more accessible, including having vaccine clinics in schools.”

Last month’s COVID-19 Epidemiological Summary reported the number of PCR positive results increased in July compared to June.

With thousands of students and staff returning to classrooms across the province in just two weeks, the Houston government needs to do more to ensure people are confident in a safe return to school. 

“Families are worried about their children getting sick, or children bring COVID home to an immunocompromised family member.

“The Houston government has done little to make the improvements needed to the many schools that have limited to no ventilation systems,” said Chender.

“Families want to know, how will the Premier make sure all students, staff, and parents have the tools they need for a safe return to school in two weeks time?”