New MRA trail named Whalen Way in honour of long-time volunteers

The Whalen's were recognized with the naming of a new MRA trail in their honour. (Healey photo)

MILFORD: Two long-time volunteers with the Milford Recreation Association were bestowed a special honour during Celebration Day on Sept. 23.

When people think of Milford Rec Hall, the names of Wayne and Jessie Whalen isn’t too far from it as many think of them in association with the community facility.

At the Celebration Day event, the two were recognized with a plaque and goodies presented to them by Peter Giffen from the Milford Recreation Association.


As he was presenting the plaque, Giffen told a few stories he was given about the Whalen’s and what they have meant to MRA.

“I can vividly recall when I was a young kid, my mother, Peggi Giffen, receiving calls from Jessie on our land line to make rolls or cook a turkey or vegetables for an event,” said Giffen.

“Our recently retired, long-time treasurer at MRA, Sandra McQuillan told me that Jessie had everyone’s phone number in Milford, and she never hesitated to put it to good use.

“She took immense pleasure in catering for events and weddings, canvassing for food and recruiting able-bodied souls to serve at weddings, ensuring that brides had a hassle-free venue rental experience, and enjoyed trying to keep the costs low for the newlyweds.”


He said as MRA undertook numerous ambitious projects over the years—from major renovations to solar panels and equipment purchases to name a few of the things, Wayne’s expertise and commitment have been invaluable.

“He not only has pitched in wherever needed but also provided invaluable advice to the MRA board, helping the board to make informed decisions,” said Giffen.

“So as you can see, they’ve been cornerstones of this place.”

Milford Rec’s Peter Giffen and Colleen Smith unveil the signs for the newly named trail near the rec hall. (Healey photo)


The last section of the trail goes from down by the Milford Fie Hall, said Giffen, to up behind the tennis courts adjacent to the rec hall. It goes around to the rings and connects to the other trail at the property.

“We made a sign for the new name of that trail, Whalen Way,” he said to applause from the crowd.

One of the signs will go down by the fire hall so people can see what the trail is called, while the second will go up in the woods.

The signs will be posted within the next few days, said Giffen.

“We wanted to dedicate that to you in your honour,” said Giffen to Wayne and Jessie. “Thank you from the residents of Milford and East Hants for what you have brought to our community.”

Hants East MLA John A. MacDonald was in attendance at the presentation to the Whalen’s.