Pictured (Left to Right): FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor, Mayor Wendy Landry, Justice Colleen Suche, Senator Colin Deacon. (Submitted photo)

OTTAWA/HALIFAX: As National Forest Week is celebrated across the country, Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is announcing the winners of its 2023 Awards of Excellence program.

Last week, FPAC announced the recipients of the inaugural Jim Carr Forest Community Champion Award, Senator Colin Deacon and Mayor Wendy Landry.

This esteemed award is named in honour of the late Jim Carr, an incredible champion of Canadian forestry and forestry workers who served as Canada’s Natural Resources Minister from 2015-2018.

The award recognizes individuals who have showcased exceptional dedication to their communities and have contributed to advancing the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the forest sector in Canada.


“It is with great pride that we recognize Senator Colin Deacon and Mayor Wendy Landry with the Jim Carr Forest Community Champion Award this year,” said FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor.

“This accolade celebrates their tireless efforts to create positive change, promote sustainable practices, and drive innovation as both community and forest sector champions. Their passion, vision, and impact reinforce the crucial role that people play in shaping the heart of our sector and the future of forestry in Canada,” he added.
Mayor Wendy Landry

Mayor Wendy Landry is a beacon of passion and leadership within her community of Shuniah and across Northwestern Ontario.

Notably serving as the current President of the Northwestern Ontario Municipalities Association (NOMA), Mayor Landry is unwavering in her commitment to amplifying the voices of the municipalities she represents. Her recognition of sustainable forest management and its vital role in the environment, society, and economy of her community and region perfectly highlights her dedication to her constituents and the natural world in which they live and work.

“We are thrilled that Mayor Landry is receiving national recognition through FPAC’s Awards of Excellence – we can think of no one more deserving. I am constantly amazed by Mayor Wendy Landry’s commitment and determination ensuring decision-makers hear municipal and Indigenous voices in critical policy discussions. It is a source of inspiration for all of us in Ontario’s forest industry.

“Mayor Landry is an uncompromising advocate for the sustainable management of Ontario’s public forests and the economic and spiritual values they provide. As an accomplished and recognized leader, without question, Mayor Landry has made Ontario a better place to live, work, and invest. On behalf of the Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA), congratulations and thank you to Mayor Wendy Landry,” said Ian Dunn, president and CEO, OFIA.


Mayor Landry’s pride in her heritage drives her advocacy for Indigenous communities, businesses, and individuals to play pivotal roles in the forest economy. With an impressive track record of amplifying local perspectives, Landry continues to ensure that municipal and Indigenous viewpoints are duly recognized by federal and provincial authorities. Her support for institutions like Confederation College showcases her commitment to skills development and the strengthening of regional forest sector opportunities.

“I am so proud and humbled to receive this recognition as a Champion of the forest industry. The industry has fed our families, paid for our hockey, figure skating, trips and all aspects of our life – providing us a healthy way of life and affordability. As a family that has historically and continues to spend a lot of our time in the forest, using access roads and Crown Land, the industry is a priority to our communities in NWO.

“This recognition is important and tells me it is appreciated, and important. I am so humbled and honored,” Landry said.


Senator Colin Deacon
Appointed as a Senator representing Nova Scotia in 2018, Senator Colin Deacon has built a legacy as an entrepreneur dedicated to driving positive social change. His lifelong mission to transform ideas into solutions serves as a testament to his commitment. As a member of the Senate Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry, Senator Deacon champions the potential of entrepreneurship and innovation within the forest sector.

With a resolute belief in government’s role as an enabler, Senator Deacon advocates for conditions that nurture evidence-driven innovations. His advocacy for the use of wood in building construction for decarbonization, championing nature-based climate solutions, and promoting the forest bioeconomy highlights his vision for a sustainable and thriving forest sector.

“I am humbled and honoured to be one of the recipients of FPAC’s inaugural Jim Carr Forest Community Champion Award. Our forestry sector has faced some tough challenges in recent years, including extreme weather events and supply chain disruptions.


“I continue to be amazed by the resiliency and entrepreneurial spirit of folks in the forestry sector. Their innovations in wood products will not only support our collective transition to a low carbon economy, but also create sustainable jobs in rural communities and shape the future of this industry. I hope to continue to be a champion and work to enable the conditions to spur the innovations that will deliver economic benefits for our forestry sector, ensuring a vibrant, sustainable, and globally competitive industry for years to come,” Senator Deacon said.

“Senator Deacon was one of the first people I met with when I became Forest Nova Scotia’s Executive Director. From day one, his commitment to our sector was clear and he has proven himself to be a passionate forestry advocate,” said Stephen Moore, Executive Director of Forest Nova Scotia.

“We are grateful for his efforts and advocacy,” he added.

Mayor Wendy Landry and Senator Colin Deacon epitomize the spirit of community leadership and advocacy that the Jim Carr Forest Community Champion Award celebrates.