The kids attending the Meet & Greet at Station 40, like this youngster, were enjoying all the fun activities. (Healey photo)

DUTCH SETTLEMENT: It was an event geared for young and old alike on Sept. 23 at Station 40 Dutch Settlement.

The Halifax Regional Fire Service fire department held a well-attended community fun day at its location on Logan Road in the community.

The sunny skies had people out and about, and that led to many taking in the event with their children.

There was plenty of things to do for those of all ages.

Video as we arrived at the event on Saturday afternoon:


From bouncy castle and trying to put out a makeshift fire with a fire hose, to getting to check out the fire trucks and turn the lights and sirens on, to fav foods like chilli, mac n cheese, chocolate chip cookies that will hit the right spot with your taste buds, and much more.

Volunteer firefighters from the station were also on hand to explain how equipment works, tell people why they volunteer and what they like the best, and maybe recruit some new members from the community to join up.

Here are some photos we took from the event:

The fire trucks were a popular attraction for kids. (Healey photo)
Many had questions about the gear and equipment the firefighters use. (Healey photo)


Sparky was one popular pooch at the Open House for Station 40 in Dutch Settlement. (Healey photo)
Station 40 volunteer firefighter Pat Pickles helps a young girl aim and fire the water at the makeshift fire during the open house at Station 40 on Saturday. (Healey photo)
An explanation on some of the medical gear that firefighters use is provided by a firefighter during the Open House on Sept. 23. (Healey photo)