Off-duty RCMP officer nabs Eastern Passage man for driving infraction

RCMP badge. (Police photo)

BELNAN:  Breaking the law in plain sight of an off-duty East Hants RCMP officer came back to haunt an Eastern Passage man on May 4.

East Hants RCMP S/Sgt. Cory Bushell said an officer was off duty and travelling along Highway 214 near Belnan when he was passed on a double solid line at a high rate of speed while in proximity to a local daycare.

“The officer, taken aback by the careless nature of the driving, noted the description of the driver, the vehicle and the plate number,” said S/Sgt. Bushell.

He said later that day, while on duty, the officer tracked down the vehicle and driver.

“The driver was confronted on his careless actions and took full responsibility on the spot,” said S/Sgt. Bushell.

S/Sgt. Bushell said the driver, a 41 year old from Eastern Passage, was charged for driving while their licence was revoked.