Organizers cancel TrailCross 2016

Low registration numbers for McDonald Sports Park event to blame

WAVERLEY: Low registration numbers have forced organizers of TrailCross to cancel this year’s event.

After reviewing registration numbers for this year’s scheduled Oct. 29 event at McDonald Sports Park in Waverley, it became clear they were going to miss targets they had, said organizer Grant Walker.

“Making a tough decision is never easy,” said Walker on Oct. 2. “But making them before any larger harm can be done is important.”

Walker said the TrailCross Halifax Team reviewed the registration numbers at the close of the 40 per cent off early bird discount period.

“They are disappointing, given an active social media and general awareness period throughout August and September,” he said.

Those who had already paid and registered are being notified.

“All registrants are being directly contacted, and a full refund will be provided, in quick order,” he said.

TrailCross is designed to test both the physical and mental side of its participants regardless of relative ability, whether they are being chased, as the pack’s leader, or grinding it out as they reel in the runner just in front of them.

The unique format of TrailCross lends itself to all types of athletes. Traditional road races have created a clear advantage to distance runners who primarily train their cardiovascular systems to improve their endurance. TrailCross levels the playing field by decreasing distance and making agility, and quick energy bursts a factor too. Athletes of all disciplines can compete and win! It is exhilarating and fun, all at the same time.

TrailCross features a Champions Stream, plus a complete Consolation Stream (Champions of Tomorrow). The latter, pits those who did not place top 50 per cent, in their first qualifying heat against each other. You keep on competing. Win this consolation stream and you gain a place in the Champions Final Heat.

The TrailCross course is short, approaching 1.5 kilometres. Because you are covering the course again and again as you advance, its vital not to over stress the competitors.

Walker said once all registrants have been contacted, the team will turn its attention to see why TrailCross wasn’t attractive for people.

“Our team will be looking at why the race format was not deemed attractive, and what changes or alterations might be possible for 2017,” he said. “But the numbers are the numbers. We made the decision based on that, with deep regret.

He said they made the decision on the fact having a full field would have been good for the sponsors and made the heat style event work.

“We projected to fall well short of that, and did not want to embarrass or inconvenience them,” said Walker. “Maintaining their friendship is most important to us.”