WELLINGTON: The Crowell families passion for snow has paid off in a big way this year as they came away with three major awards from the Snowmobile Association of Nova Scotia (SANS) awards banquet.

Jason, Joy, Jarrett, and Jett were recognized for the dedication and involvement in the sport of snowmobiling at the banquet, held Nov. 12.

The Wellington foursome—who are members of three snowmobile clubs in Nova Scotia—won the Outstanding Snowmobile Family of the Year, while Jarrett received the Outstanding Youth of the Year award, an honour bestowed upon Jett last year. Meanwhile, Jett was awarded the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Association Youth of the Year for 2016, handed out at the SANS banquet.

But as Jason told The Laker in a Nov. 15 interview inside their cozy home, they don’t do it for the recognition, but because it’s something they all really enjoy.

The Crowell family out on the snow. (Submitted photo)
The Crowell family out on the snow. (Submitted photo)

“It’s one of our main activities as a family,” said Jason Crowell. “A lot of people don’t get the opportunity to be as active in snowmobiling as we are. We’re very fortunate that our whole family can participate. We all enjoy it very much.”

He said there’s a lot of great people in the snowmobile community, and to be recognized for a second time as a family of the year is a “huge honour.”

“I’m very proud of the boys for them being honoured with the youth of the year awards,” he said.

Jarrett said he was thrilled to win the youth of the year, making him even with Jett.

“I’m very honoured to get it,” he said. “Snowmobiling is something I like to do.”

Jett said it was neat to be honoured with the award for Canada. The brothers help out at the club level as well as assisted on some trail work.

“It’s pretty cool to be recognized not only through N.S., but from across Canada,” he said. “It means a lot, especially doing something that we love to do. I would snowmobile every day if I could.”

Jason said it gives both the boys a good opportunity to volunteer and get a taste of what it’s about and be rewarded for their efforts.

The family purchased their first snowmobile in 2001. The next year a second machine was purchased for Joy, she did not like riding on back.

Jarrett and Jett each have had snowmobiles for the last seven or eight years.

They are members of the Driftclimbers, Fundy Trail , and North Shore Snowmobile Clubs.

In 2018, SANS is hosting the 50th anniversary of the International Snowmobile Congress. The last time it was held in Nova Scotia was 25 years ago. The family will be helping out with this event.

When March Break rolls around and people are looking to get away to warmer destinations , the Crowell’s are looking for the coldest place with the deepest snow.

“Last year we ended up having to go to Newfoundland to find that snow,” he said with a chuckle.

So when you hear Frankie MacDonald or the TV weather forecasters calling for snowstorms, and people are grumbling over it, the Crowell’s are the exact opposite.

“We are probably a minority group when we’re the ones wishing for lots of snow this winter,” said Jason Crowell. “We love Frankie when he has the big snowstorm predictions.”

Another Driftclimbers member, Merlin White, of the Noel area, was recognized as a SANS Lifetime Achievement Award Honouree.


The Crowell family out on the snow. (Submitted photo)
The Crowell family out on the snow. (Submitted photo)