WAVERLEY: The inaugural Halloween Haunted House tour in Waverley, Fall River, and surrounding communities has some spook-tacular setups in many of the communities.

It is being put on by the Waverley Community Association. They usually hold a community event for kids on the Village Green, but due to COVID restrictions that is not possible so they decided to do a haunted house tour.

Twelve residences have registered to take part in the event, which runs until Oct. 31.

Prizes will be awarded on Halloween night by the WCA. A photo will be shared with The Laker News of the winning entry.

A listing of the homes that re partaking is as follows:

Reporter Pat Healey joined a couple of Fall River friends, Arlene MacAskill and Jerry White, on Wednesday night to check out the spooky scenes.

All three were amazed at the magnitude of the decorated and Halloween spooks they saw, commenting on a few that they were a lot of work and dedication.

“Every one of the residents who put time and effort in should be commended, we were wowed,” said Healey. “This is great to see the community spirit alive.

“The WCA deserves a huge round of applause for putting this on.”

Once this event ends on Oct. 31, the volunteers with the WCA are said to be turning their attention to organizing to hold a Christmas lights self-guided tour. More details when they are available. Keep an eye on the Waverley NS Facebook page.

Here are some of the top photos Pat snapped on his iPhone and his digital camera. We hope you enjoy!

Dr. Strang in a Maple Leafs jersey on Winley Drive.