PHOTOS: HERH Grads don’t let rain dampen Prom Showcase spirit

Two HERH graduates stand on stage at the Prom Showcase. (Healey photo)

ENFIELD: Mother Nature tried to rain on the parade of graduates from Hants East Rural High School, but it didn’t work.

School students gathered keeping physical distancing in mind for the most part for the parent-organized Prom Showcase at Scotia Speedworld on June 28. It was completely put on by volunteers, with the school not involved in the planning.

The grads gathered under the tent next to what would act as their stage–the empty flatbed of a transport truck–as volunteers got them in order with the bios that would be read on stage.

Messages were given by HERH Student council representatives Macy Hatcher and Olivia Kinear-Lanthier; Mr. McMullen and Stephanie Dean-Moore, two HERH teachers; Matt Cejpa, the Valedictorian for the school; and MP Kody Blois.

The Eastern Eagle drummers from Indian Brook opened the event with an honour song.

For our two Photo Albums, please check them out here for our Photo Gallery on our website. Reporter Pat Healey captured the moments he could through the lens and the rain.

At the event, two bursaries were presented to a pair of HERH students going into the paramedic/first responder field of post-secondary studies. Gilby Construction sponsored the bursaries.

It took about two hours to see the 160-plus students walk across the stage.

In the bios read by emcee Angie Hawrlyuk, the mastermind behind the event that was nothing more than a dream four weeks ago, many had fond messages for their fellow grads, and the near flooding of the school was a highlight for many.

From all accounts, the grads enjoyed their day and time in the spotlight in this very non-traditional graduation showcase.