FALL RIVER: Station 41 Waverley named firefighter Ksenia Zaitas as their choice for Firefighter of the Year at the Zone 4 firefighter awards dinner and banquet, held Nov. 23 at the Wellington/Fletchers Lake Station House (Station 42).

It was presented to her by Bryan Lynch.

(Healey photos)

Nick Yeomans, volunteer fire chief at Station 45, was named the Officer of the Year for Station 45 Fall River at the awards banquet.

He was presented his accolades by HRM Fire Chief Ken Stuebing (far right), Vinny Jordan, and Gord West (left).

Trevor Hill receives his Stn 42/43 Firefighter of the Year award from Ryan Crain and Jeff Pickrem. (Healey photo)

Erika Hebert received the Officer Choice of the Year award for Station 42/43 during the volunteer fire awards banquet, held Nov. 23 at Wellington/Fletchers Lake Station house./ It was presented by Ryan Crain and Jeff Pickrem. (Healey photo)

Cole Stewart of Station 42/43 Wellington/Grand Lake is presented with his five year award for volunteer fire service by Ryan Crain (second from right) along with Gord West (far left) and Vinny Jordan, both representing HRM Fire. (Healey photo)