Preliminary work begins for Hyde’s Bridge construction

The dumping of gravel on the site of Hyde's Bridge in Lantz is the start of preliminary work for the project. (Healey photo)

LANTZ: The preliminary work for the replacement of Hyde’s Bridge in Lantz has begun.

Gary Andrea, spokesman with the Department of Public Works, confirmed that the activity residents nearby are seeing is the start of work by the contractor.

“The placement of gravel is the start of the bridge replacement project,” he said.

Construction equipment sits inside the work zone. (Healey photo)


Andrea said the removal of the old Hyde’s Bridge is set to start in late May.

“The contractor is building a crane pad to aid in the removal of the existing structure,” he said.

He added any in-water work can not take place until June.

“The current completion and opening for the bridge is still Fall 2023,” said Andrea.