Province plans to address immunocompromised students at school level

Pexels photo.

HALIFAX: The education Minister for the province said school administration will be at the front-lines to address concerns regarding students who are immunocompromised or who have family that are should COVID-19 show up at their schools.

Becky Druhan was responding to a question from The Laker News during post-cabinet virtual scrums on Jan. 13.

Druhan was asked what the province’s plans is for imunocompromises students or those students with immunocompromised family members when school resumes, which it did Jan. 17.

“Our schools have experience in dealing with children who have individual medical needs,” she said. “With respect to immunocompromised students specifically, the IWK has provided guidance around COVID-19 and folks who have and are immunocompromised.

“What we’re asking parents to do is what they normally would do.”

She said that includes looking at the advice from the IWK and consult with their family physician.

“Based on the advice from their doctor’s provide, they work with their schools and they will provide appropriate support for those families.”

Druhan was asked if there are COVID-19 exposure or outbreaks at schools, how will those students be kept safe. She again avoided answering directly.

“All arrangements around students that have specific medical needs are done on an individual basis and responsive to the needs of those individual students,” she said.

“Each of those situations will be addressed on individual basis at the school level.”