RCMP satellite office needed in Fall River/Waverley: Streatch

Population growth in Waverley, Fall River merits full time policing office

FALL RIVER: The local councillor believes the growth and size of the Fall River/Waverley area requires its own Halifax District RCMP satellite office.

Currently, police responding to calls in the Fall River region do so from the Lower Sackville detachment, which can mean a delay in response for calls.

Steve Streatch said as part of his hope to get more police presence to deter crimes and speeding along the roads in the area, he will go as far as requesting a satellite office be constructed in the Fall River area.

“There is nothing that will deter speeding or any other activities that are unlawful then police presence,” said Streatch in a Nov. 17 interview. “In order to have that, council and the taxpayer have to be prepared to give the funding and the tools to the members that we’re asking to do that job for us.”

He said the Corridor area of Fall River and Waverley has grown “to the critical point where we need a permanent presence” from the police.

“I have had success in the past, as it relates to putting structures in and having permanent members established in the Musq. Valley,” said Streatch. “I will be pursuing those discussions with the police commission and the Chief of Police in the very near future.”