A Halifax Transit bus. (Photo from Halifax.ca website)

FALL RIVER: A research study is underway by a group of IT Data Analytics Team at NSCC looking at transit in Fall River.

The survey is open for employees working at the Fall River Plaza and managers of businesses there.

The team acknowledges that the scope of this survey is limited and that there may be additional transit needs within the community.

“We are IT Data Analytics students from NSCC, conducting a survey on public transit commuting needs for employees in the plaza shops. Our aim is to gather data on employee commuting needs and identify useful transit routes,” the letter from the IT Data Analytics team said. “We hope that this survey is seen as a steppingstone to initiate and facilitate a more extensive and inclusive conversation about transportation in the community,” the letter from the IT Data Analytics team said.


It said the eligible participation for this survey involves:

Employees working in the Fall River Plaza. Participation is encouraged for all individuals who work in these shops, regardless of employment status (e.g., part-time/full-time, probationary/contract/staff, contracted cleaners, etc.). 

  • Managers of designated sample areas will also be interviewed for their views of staff commuting needs. 

Voluntary participation: 

Participation in this survey is voluntary, and we appreciate your time and effort to provide us with your valuable insights.

While completing as many questions as possible would be helpful to our study, they understand that people may choose to skip any items.



They are striving to make sure that the survey is available to everyone.

The submission deadline for the survey is March 10, 2023.

The results will be made publicly available at on fallrivertransitsurvey.blogspot.com on April 14, 2023.

Participants are being thanked by the IT Data Analytics Program, Public Transit Research Team for taking the time to provide valuable insight into this.