Ann Steele performs Waverley Town 'O at the Legion during Gold Rush Days wing night. (Healey photo)

WAVERLEY: It’s not often that a musical performance on wing night at the Waverley Legion is standing room only.

However, Thursday night Sept. 14 was a different story.

While it was the regular wing night and music with friends as part of a revised Gold Rush Days, there was one performer that the majority of the crowd was there to see – and their name wasn’t Dave Carroll.

That performer was Waverley’s own Ann Steele.

Ann Steele with Kevin O’Halloran and Dave Carroll. 9Healey photo)


Steele was the featured performer as she was releasing her debut single Waverley Town ‘O, with help from fellow performers Kevin O’Halloran and well-known Dave Carroll.

Before it was time for Steele to sing, the other performers who regularly perform every Thursday night on wing night at the Legion sang one or two songs of their own.

(Healey photo)
(Healey photo)
(Healey photo)

And then it was Steele’s turn.

As Ann Kevin, and Dave got hooked up and her guitar and mic tested, the anticipation in the room grew with people trying to get a bit closer to either watch or get photos and videos on their smartphones.


Once that was all checked they were good to go.

And away Ann went singing her little (big in all reality) 82-year-old heart out as the crowd witnessed her first single release and performance from the song about the community she calls home.

Waverley Town ‘O is a tribute to her residence of over 50 years that brings listeners to a time in history when her community was famous for gold mining.

The songs storytelling takes listeners to the plight of Waverley residents when arsenic was tragically found in the water due to mining operations.

Kevin O’Halloran performs at the Legion. (Healey photo)


Steele was humbled by the full house to hear her debut single.

“I am so delighted to see the turnout,” she said. “Some of those people there tonight are being introduced to what Thursday Night at the Legion is all about.

“It’s a hot spot in downtown Waverley.”

She said the single was anything but work.

“It’s been fun. I’ve never called it work,” said Steele. “I’m very fortunate.”

Ann and son Mark share a moment after she performed. (Healey photo)

Steele had a message for all those who came out to the Legion.

“It’s great to see the Legion full,” she said. “You all come back now you hear?”

The song recording, composition, and video to go with it were produced in collaboration with fellow Carroll, an award-winning singer-songwriter, and founder of Big Break Productions.

Before the night was done, the crowd even got to hear a few tunes from Carroll himself to much enjoyment.

Dave Carroll performed a few tunes himself. (Healey photo)