Stranded motorist rescued by East Hants RCMP during snowstorm

East Hants RCMP cruiser at an event in Enfield. (Healey photo)

NINE MILE RIVER: Two people and their pet dog who were stranded on an East Hants road during the Nor’easter Feb. 3 were rescued by two officers who waded through the high snowfall to get to them.

Const. Preston Burns, Community Policing Officer with East Hants RCMP, said that officers responded to a call for service of the people being stuck on Blois Road.

“ The man, his wife and their dog were stuck a distance off of the Blois Road in the snow with their vehicle,” said Const. Burns.

“They said that they had been there for seven hours and were extremely cold and needed assistance getting out.”


Two officers that responded, Const. Darcy Lucas and Const. Jeffrey Crouse, looked at ways they could help them out.

“Unable to reach the couple by police vehicle due to the depth of the snow, the two officers headed out on foot and located them approximately 1.5 kilometres down the logging road,” said Const. Burns.

“The officers escorted them back to the awaiting police vehicle and provided them with drinks and warmth.”

Const. Lucas and Const. Crouse then transported them back to their residence in Porter’s Lake.