Update on road work in East Hants from MLA MacDonald

Hants East MLA John A. MacDonald is interviewed in Burnt Coat Head Park. (Dagley Media)

EAST HANTS: An update on road work underway in the East Hants area was provided by Hants East MLA John A. MacDonald.

The update was posted by MacDonald on his Facebook page on Oct. 23.

Enfield Road was repaired on Friday (Oct 20).

Hwy 102 paving north of Exit 8 is still on going.

Route 202 (Rawdon) Culvert

The repaving of the Route 202 (Rawdon) culvert is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 24.


Route 236 (Stanley) Culvert

“We are currently waiting on contractor availability to complete the Route 236 (Stanley) culvert repaving,” said MacDonald. “This work along with the remaining asphalt repair work will be completed as soon as possible.”

Horne Settlement Road Culvert

The design work and environmental analysis required for the replacement of the Horne Settlement Road culverts is still underway.

“Once finished we will be applying to NSECC / DFO for emergency approval to complete the replacement outside of the typical June 1- September 30 environmental timeframe,” added MacDonald.

Hydes Bridge Replacement

The replacement of this bridge is progressing. The foundation is complete and construction of the bridge structure itself is on-going.

“We currently forecast opening this structure mid-December, though this is subject to change,” said MacDonald.


Intersection of Route 236 / Route 215 (South Maitland)

The preliminary design is complete.

“We have applied to NSECC / DFO for emergency approval to repair this culvert outside of the June 1 – September 30 environmental timeframe,” said MacDonald.

Shauna Leigh Lane, Mariah Drive, Karla Dawn Avenue – Paving

Tendered was awarded, this will get done this year.

“We are waiting on them to get it started,” he said.