WELLNESS WITHIN: 7 activities to get you out and get active this fall

by Deborah Peddle-Hann

Are you looking for fun and active things to do this fall? There is no denying that autumn is stunning in Nova Scotia and we are very lucky we get to enjoy warm days, cool evenings and stunning colours.

Here are just a few ideas to help you get out and stay healthy this fall

  1. Go on a hike: Find a trail close by and head out to enjoy all the fall colours. We have countless hiking trails in Nova Scotia so head out and explore. If you aren’t sure what is out there, the AllTrails app is perfect for discovering what is in our own backyards!
  1. Pumpkin or Apple Picking: A little cardio and strength training combined. Visit your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard to pick your fall favourites. You get to enjoy a beautiful walk in the fresh air and lugging those pumpkins around or reaching for apples is a great workout for the whole family.
  1. Tour A Winery and Vineyard: Did this one make you giggle? Yes, you can be healthy at a vineyard! Most of the vineyards in Nova Scotia have spectacular views and go on forever – you can walk for hours! We are also fortunate that many vineyards have farm to table restaurants with fresh, healthy food to enjoy.
  1. Join a Haunted House tour or Ghost Walk: If the walking doesn’t get your heart rate up, perhaps the haunted houses will. Did you know that Halifax is full of haunted houses? This can be a fun way to enjoy the Halloween season, learn a little history or folklore, and have a great time with friends. Here is a list of some Halloween attractions in the province: https://www.todocanada.ca/25-haunted-attractions-nova-scotia/
  1. Bike Rides: Whether you are just riding in your neighbourhood or heading to a bike path, biking is a fantastic way to enjoy the cooler fall days. Remember to dress in layers! Just a quick Google search of Biking Paths in Nova Scotia will give you enough options to bike a different trail every day until the snow starts! One of my favourite bike trails is the Fundy Discovery Site in Truro. It’s certified bike friendly, with washrooms, playgrounds, bike racks and a repair stand.
  1. Go Old School: Growing up in the 80s, if there was one child outside, there were 100! Some neighbourhoods make that more challenging than others, but don’t be afraid to get out there and have fun with your kids. Street (or driveway) hockey, basketball, football, going to playgrounds or simply grab some chaulk and play games! Many children (and adults) have lost the skill of “just playing”.
  1. Go to the Beach: Yes, you heard me! While I don’t recommend swimsuits or frolicking in the frigid water, fall is a fantastic time for a beach walk. Dress appropriately because it is usually windy and spend some time beach combing for treasures. The recent storms have unfortunately brought trash ashore, so why not help keep our beaches beautiful by bringing along a garbage bag and cleaning as you go.

Whatever you decide to do to stay active this fall, please remember to be safe, be kind and be healthy. I encourage you to take little steps to always living your healthiest and best life with those you love.

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