MAIN PHOTO: Before and after photos of Joe and Maddie McIntyre. (Submitted photos)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: A father-daughter duo from Windsor Junction had two good reasons to shed their long locks recently.

Joe McIntyre and daughter Maddie hadn’t had a hair cut since the COVID-19 pandemic started. With their hair getting long and restrictions easing that allowed them to be able to get their hair cut, the two decided it was time.

But that was only one of the good reasons for them getting a hair cut. The other was to help recipients of wigs from Locks of Love. That was inspired by the family having a friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“Our hair git really long, so we figured with the pandemic winding down a bit we thought it was time to get our hair cut,” said McIntyre. “We heard about Locks of Love so we thought we would do it for them.”

He said his hair was down to his shoulders, while Maddie’s was past her elbows.

Maddie, who attends Georges P. Vanier Junior High in Fall River, explained why she wanted to cut her hair for Locks of Love.

“I realized there are people who have to get their hair cut if they have cancer,” she said. “It’s really hard for them with no hair so getting a wig from my hair will help them.”

The majority of wigs that Locks of Love makes are for children, so that was another reason they chose to donate their hair to the group, said Maddie.

McIntyre said it was sad for him as his hair was cut off. But there was someone who liked that he cut it off.

“I liked having it long,” he said with a chuckle. “It was like when I was in high school.

“My wife was happy though because she hated it.”

Maddie said with the recent cold weather and short hair she’s definitely feeling it.

“I was really happy about it,” she said. “It feels better with less hair. It does feel a bit a colder too on the head.”

McIntyre said less hair means he doesn’t have to comb it as much as he had been.

“It’s neater too,” he said.

The two said it warms their heart that they might be able to help a young kid that needs a wig.

“It feels good that we did something for a young kid that might have been having an issue,” said McIntyre.

“It makes me feel I’ve helped out someone feel better,” Maddie added.