School issues notice after students find used needle on bus


FLETCHERS LAKE: Holland Road Elementary School sent home a notice to parents on Wednesday afternoon Jan. 23 after two students found and picked up a used needle on their school bus.

The incident which saw the two young boys pick the used needle up from the seat they were in on their bus occurred on the morning run on Jan. 22. The boys gave the used needle to their bus driver and it was disposed of safely.

In the letter sent home to parents, it advises them of what took place.

A child picked it up and handed it to the bus driver,” the letter said. “Thankfully, no one was hurt and the needle was readily placed in a sharps container at the school for safety.”

The letter, from the principal and vice-principal at the school, said Halifax District RCMP, Stock transportation, Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE), and the school’s health nurse worked to gather additional information.

“It is believed that the syringe contained ink,” said the letter.

It continues on saying the Principal and Vice Principal visited each class on Jan. 23 to share a safety message that included not touching any unknown/unsafe objects found, but rather leave it where it is and tell a safe adult immediately.

“Staff will continue to share this message throughout the school year,” the letter said. “We encourage parents to have these safety conversations at home as well.”

The letter added that they will be sending this information on to their family of schools so they are aware.

Stock Transportation has also reiterated the procedures for drivers to follow when conducting safety checks when completing their runs, the letter concluded.