Dexters Construction, Deputy Mayor

Deagle Gammon also announce contributions

MAIN PHOTO: All smiles as the Fall River & Riverlake District Lions Club and their Wing Night volunteers made the announcement of their $15,000 donation to the Turf Field project. (Dagley Media photo)

FALL RIVER: In rugby terms, the HRM Northern Suburban Turf Field committee has hit a convert, and are inching closer to as they say in football terms, the touch down they’re looking to score.

At Lions Wing Night at the LWF Hall in Fall River on April 18, the Turf Field Committee joined volunteers with the Fall River & Ruverlake Lions Club for a special announcement.

During a music break form the artists performing before a full house at the LWF Hall, everyone enjoying some wings and drinks, why there was such excitement on this night was made clear.

The Lions Club announced they were donating $15,000 to the Turf Field committee, allowing it to inch closer to its $213,000 community fundraising goal (close to $50,000 shy).


King Lion Kirk Stephen and Deputy Mayor and area councillor Cathy Deagle Gammon speak to the full house at Wing Night. (Dagley Media photo)
Rita Nigam from the Turf Field committee is interviewed. (Dagley Media photo)

But that wasn’t all the donations announced.

Dexters Construction told officials they will be providing $20,000 donation towards the project.

And there was more.

Deputy Mayor Cathy Deagle Gammon told the crowd she was donating $10,000 from her District Capital fund.

In all, that meant there was $45,000 donated on this night alone towards the project.

In an interview with The Laker News for our video story shortly after with, she added that Councillor Lisa Blackburn was also donating $10,000 from her District Capital Fund.

King Lion Kirk Stephen wanted to make sure those inside the hall knew how they were able to give the support to the Turf Field or other community groups.

“It’s because of your support like Wing Night that we can do this,” said Stephen to the crowd.


Here is our video story from the big night of cheque presentations made at the LWF Hall on Lions Wing Night.


Wings hand model Chris Strathdee of Lantz demonstrates how good the wings are. (Dagley Media photo)
Tom Heighway of the Turf Field committee talks about the fundraising and the raffle 505 ticket draw. (Dagley Media photo)


After all was said, with the $45,000 in donations tallied and included, the Turf Field committee is at about 77 per cent of the $213,000 raised.

The community can help them get even closer through purchasing tickets for the Raffle 5050.

The next draw is May 10, and then they will do another one on June 10, the scheduled alst one.

To purchase tickets check out:

Construction on the new Turf Field facility, which HRM will operate and maintain, will begin this summer at Lockview High.

It will allow the school teams and local athletes/organizations in football; rugby; soccer; and more to compete locally. There will also be an Indigenous space and a walking track (that will be outside and accessible 24/7 to residents).

Of course our Pat Healey had to savour his taste buds with some yum yum wings after working hard on this story. (Dagley Media photo)