Councillor Steve Streatch gets a helping hand from a young girl at Ash Lee Jefferson School as he fills his water bottle up. After getting it filled, he takes a sip of the fresh tasting city water out of the school fountain. Prior to the recent water project hook nup the students had to use water from the school’s well. (Healey photos)

FALL RIVER: The flow of refreshing, tasty water said it all.

Councillor Steve Streatch, along with Halifax Water’s James Campbell, visited Ash Lee Jefferson School on Feb. 11 for the first official sip by the councillor of newly installed city water, which began being utilized recently by the students.

Streatch had help from a young student who pushed on the button for the water to come out as he filled up his water bottle.

Steve Streatch takes a sip of the water. (Healey photo)

“It tastes great,” said Streatch to some giggles from the kids as a drop of water fell from his chin.

Ash Le is one of three schools who have been connected to city water as part of the $12 million Fall River water project. Lockview High and Georges P. Vanier Junior High are in the connection stages.

ALJ Principal Lynn Mills was thrilled to have the school hooked up to city water. It also means less work for the school in testing.

“I think it’s just more consistent because we have less of the water testing and more of the good, fresh water coming to us everyday without any interruption,” said Mills. “There wasn’t any disruption to school operations.

“It’s good water.”

When asked about talk that there have been efficiency’s found that could make for savings from the project for residents, Campbell would not confirm or deny that.

“Right now we’re at $11.8 million, but certainly if efficiency’s are found that will go back to the residents in a reduced Local Improvement Charge,” he said.

Several students from Ash Lee Jefferson School pose with their free Halifax Water bottles before they try out the city water at their tap in the school. (Healey photo)