Ash Lee Jefferson student wins Nourish N.S. filmmaking challenge

Grace Mimnagh is the winner of a Nourish N.S. filmmaking contest, which she worked on with sister Sarah. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: A young girl has already started on her path to a career as an award-winning filmmaker.

Grace Mimnagh of Fall River was recently announced as the winner of the 2020 Nourish N.S. Food and Film Challenge for Youth for her film that discussed food and climate change. Her film took a specific look at the impact that cows have on our environment.

“I thought I was going to finish in second or third place, but then I won,” said Mimnagh, an Ash Lee Jefferson School student. “It made me happy to win. It was the best.

“It was so fun to do. I had a lot of fun making the video.”

Video from CBC Nova Scotia

The nine-year-old is the youngest filmmaker to win the Challenge, Nourish N.S. said.

She wins $500 prize to support a healthy eating program or initiative in her school or community from Nourish Nova Scotia; and a $500 GoPro kit so she can continue her filmmaking journey from CBC Nova Scotia.

Grace found out about the contest as her dad saw it one day when he was working on his computer.

“I told him that I wanted to do it,” she said.

In the video she talks about how Cows and the meat they produce, and how cow farts are bad.

The video was a bit back-and-forth between her and sister Sarah, which made the video more humorous and down to earth.

“We then put them together,” said Grace. “I got lots of ideas from watching a video on the CBC website.”

She said her friends have been very congratulatory in their remarks.

“They thought the video was cool,” said Grace. “They liked the cow farts. Lots of people thought it looked pretty funny.”

Grace agreed she has some decision-making to do on where she will donate the money.

“I have to look at where I can give the money,” she said. “My mom is going to help me with that.”

She said the whole experience was great.

“It was full out fun working with Sarah and Henry in making and putting the video together,” said Grace. “We all had a lot of fun.”