Asha says please don't leave your pet or children in your cars this summer. (Healey photo)

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​Dr. Babin has put together this post about things to be careful of this holiday season to ensure everyone is happy and healthy 

With the holiday season soon upon us, there are certain things that we should keep in mind to ensure a smooth and uneventful holiday while keeping our pets safe. Certain plants, decorations and foods pose more of a risk to our furry friends than others. Below listed are few but please feel free to call the clinic if you have questions about certain things
that may not be listed below:


Sweets: Too much of anything is probably not a good thing but certain holiday treats are more dangerous. Anything containing chocolate could pose a risk and any treat that contains the artificial sweetener Xylitol is toxic to dogs.Picture

**Something to keep in mind: With many visitors during this time of year- beware of curious pets who may get into Aunt Lou’s purse for these special treats or open any wrapped presents under the tree!**

PictureSalty/Fatty foods: Certain pets may be more predisposed to issues (vomiting/diarrhea/pancreatitis) when eating table food/leftovers and therefore we recommend against it.
Alcohol: Consuming alcohol could lead to serious issues including death in our pets. Please keep unattended cocktails away from your pet’s reach.Picture

Special treats: With the legalization of marijuana there is a higher chance of our pet’s coming into contact with this drug especially if they are made into a delicious snack. Ingesting marijuana can lead to neurological symptoms, even death. 


​Christmas tree: Ensure your Christmas tree is well secured to prevent it from falling over and possible causing injury to your pets.Picture
PictureHolly/Mistletoe: Ingestion of this plant could lead to gastrointestinal and cardiovascular issues
​Poinsettas: Mild gastrointestinal upset can occur from ingestion of this plantPicture
Picture​Lilies: Beware of Holiday flower arrangements that may cause these plants which can easily cause kidney failure in cats (even by simply grooming pollen off themselves!).
Snow globes: Some snow globes contain antifreeze which is very toxic if ingested by pets.Picture
PictureTinsel/Ribbon: So shiny! Ingestion of these things could potentially lead to dangerous gastrointestinal obstruction.


Once again, with so many visitors over the holidays- please beware of sneaky pets who may get into your visitor’s medications which could cause serious issues.


For some pets, the extra noise, people and change in schedule around the holidays can really create anxiety in their life. Please consult with your vet if you think this may be an issue for your furry family member.

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