Dr Strang: “If there’s ever been a time to be vigilant, this is it.”

Dr. Robert Strang, N.S. Chief medical officer of health. (Communications N.S. photo)

The following is a statement from Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’ chief medical officer of health, from the Nov. 9 COVID19 briefing.

“This should be a wake-up call for all of us.

“We have been very lucky in this province to have low or no cases of Covid-19 for the last several months and as a result, we’ve been able to go about our lives relatively normally. But like I said last week, when it comes to this virus, everything can change in the blink of eye.

“We are at a tipping point right now in Nova Scotia. And we all need to make changes if we’re going to change our trajectory. As the premier mentioned, we’re making changes to the Order that means anyone traveling into Nova Scotia from outside Atlantic Canada must isolate alone for 14 days.

“If you’re coming to the province and your only option is to stay with someone else, everyone in that residence, whether it is a house or apartment, must isolate, too.

“That means you go directly to your self-isolation location and you stay there for 14 days. You and anyone you’re isolating with does not go to work. Does not go to school. Does not go the grocery store or take a walk around the neighbourhood.

“Everyone who comes into contact with the traveler must isolate for 14 days. This does not apply to exemptions already in place, like police, military, and anyone responsible for moving goods or people across our borders. And it doesn’t apply to rotational workers or people who have exceptions to attend a funeral or be with an immediate family member who is nearing end of life.

“This is our only change for today, but my team and I are monitoring closely, and I’m prepared to make more changes if and when it’s needed.

“What we all need to do right now is be more cautious. If there’s ever been a time to be vigilant, this is it.”

  • Dr. Robert Strang, Chief medical officer of health