A person reads a book. (Pexels.com photo - karolina-grabowska)

NOVA SCOTIA: A literacy organization is looking for aspiring writers, poets or booklovers from Nova Scotia to participate in writing of a novel with other people from around the world. 

The World Literacy Foundation is hoping people young or old from Nova Scotia who have a passion for literature will put their hand up and join this community collaboration project called My Name is Ink

All profits generated by the book will be donated to a literacy charitable organization called the World Literacy Foundation.


Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation, said it’s a unique chance for buddy writers in Nova Scotia to co-contribute alongside well known authors, artist and celebrities in the development of this novel.

“Each participant can first purchase one or more sentences to write the book,” Kay said in a release. “Already 52 people have signed up to the project.”

My Name is Ink is the creative collaboration project in the joint writing of the book, designed to highlight/promote the virtues of writing and collective intelligence. 


My Name is Ink officially launched on September 8 (International Literacy Day).

Details via https://mynameisink.org/ 

About the World Literacy Foundation https://worldliteracyfoundation.org/