Big season ahead for Elmsdale motocross racer Hannah Cole

Hannah Cole of Elmsdale has big goals for the season ahead, which includes the Canadian WMX nationals. (Submitted photo)

ELMSDALE: Hannah Cole has big goals and expectations for the 2024 motocross racing season.

The 18-year-old from Elmsdale is currently training full-time at Club 57 in Jacksonville, Fla. As she prepares for a big season of riding with the Canadian WMX Nationals this summer.

That training involves both on and off-the-bike programs.

“I’m doing a lot of preparations and making sure I’m fully prepared when nationals time comes around to make sure I can compete at my best level,” said the senior at Musquodoboit Rural High School in Middle Musquodoboit.


Cole said she as a lot of personal goals to prove to herself and show people how hard she’s been working in the off-season.

“I would like to see myself competing for podium positions every weekend this summer,” said Cole. “I believe I’m more than capable of that and my hard work can back up that goal.

“This goal won’t come easy but with hard work and determination as well as continuing my program I know I can compete at that level.”

Hannah Cole soars high in the air over the race course. (Submitted photo)

She said the training in the U.S. consists of a lot of seat time on the bike.

“Trying to constantly improve and also get more comfortable on the bike,” she added. “I also spend a lot of time in the gym either doing strength workouts or long cycling rides to increase endurance.

“Both factors of my training are very important and work together for me to be successful. 


She has a lot of people that help her make things happen.

That list includes Mom, Dad, Toys For Big Boys crew, Larry and Keira Northrup, TM Plumbing and Heating, TJ Martin, Fox Canada, Matrix Concepts Canada, FMF, Mark at Southport Asset Management. 

Will Nova Scotia friends and family get to see her race this summer? Well, yes she said.

“Before Nationals start I will likely race a few local races in Nova Scotia, just to get in some gate drops and be prepared for the season,” said Cole.

Those might be some of the most enjoyable races she has too.

“The local races are always fun because there’s less stress,” Cole said. “I can simply just have fun riding my dirt bike and show everyone how hard I have been working.”