Community Spotlight: Fletchers Lake woman thanked for efforts

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FLETCHERS LAKE: “We live in a lovely part of HRM. We need to take care of our community.” -Donna Brick, Fletchers Lake. 

Donna, a long time resident of Fletchers Lake, enjoys her walks between her home and the Fall River Sobeys almost daily. If you don’t recognize her at first glance, you may recognize her as the one with the garbage pick up tool and Sobeys bag, that she carries with her on her trek.

She has been picking up garbage along the 4.2 km stretch along Holland Rd and Highway 2 towards Fall River for years. She started recording the number of bags she filled three years ago.

In 2019, Donna filled 141 plastic Sobeys bags of garbage from our sidewalks. In 2020 there were 177 bags collected.

As of early November 2021, she has already surpassed these counts by leaps and bounds -checking in at 261 Sobeys bags of garbage. In fact, it has increased so much that she now relies on a friend to leave their garbage can out at the end of their driveway, so that she can empty it along the way.

While Donna does find a lot of litter along the path, she has also noticed increased debris around garbage day. Preventative measures, like tarps or old blankets, could be used to deter the crows and other wildlife from contributing to this increase. 

Donna’s initiative is a true testament to her love and commitment to our community.

While she very modestly stated something along the lines of “well I’m walking right by it anyway,” we believe it is a true act of kindness and dedication to the place we all have the privilege to call home. 

Thank you Donna!

This Community Member Spotlight was brought to you by: